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Avoid bad reviews caused by lag and connection issues

Gamers are a notoriously impatient group of consumers, quick to anger and prone to action en masse if the services they demand are not up to scratch. Online gaming requires fast reactions and sometimes over a hundred mouse click each minute – a robust and fast CDN is vital to maintain a good experience.

CDNetworks accelerates online gaming to keep gamers online and lag-free.

Optimizing downloads and applications

More complex games demand ever-larger files and more from the networks delivering these files. CDNetworks Content Acceleration allows large downloads to be optimized to ensure that data delivery is fast, and dynamic data is accelerated so the most up-to-date information is available.

Running gaming application seamlessly at the edge

Due to the global distributed network and short distance network connectivity between edge and end user, our Edge Computing Platform provides ultra-low latency, high bandwidth and reliable connections for professional gamers with exceptional gaming experience. ECP offers faster Round Trip Time (RTT), fewer points of contention and less chances for routing failure, increasing both responsiveness and availability in multi-user online games. For gaming developers, ECP provides them with a container orchestration system built on Kubernetes and Docker to write container-based gaming applications once and deploy them everywhere.

Protect your site from DDoS, maintain online continuity

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Scaling without extra cost for game launches

Game Companies have busy seasons and slow seasons, a game’s launch will likely be its busiest time, and they don’t want to have to build environment for peak capacity and then have it sit idle the rest of the time. CDNetworks’ CDN360 can give customers the scalability and elasticity needed for the long-term growth of their business.

Load balancing for spikes in player numbers

Player numbers are unpredictable – massive spikes normally means performance degradation and a victim of your business success. With CDNetworks content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and targets. Performance, availability and efficiency never need to be compromised.

Minimize latency around the globe for online gaming

Some markets are especially prone to delays and poor connectivity. CDNetworks minimizes lag time in every market and delivers the best experience possible to players around the world.

Edge Computing Platform

Optimize and deliver rapid-speed user experiences

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Content Acceleration

Notably speed up static content: lightning-fast page loading is no longer a novelty

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Flood Shield

Distributed cloud-based DDoS mitigation to protect websites and network infrastructures

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The next evolution of content delivery networks

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씨디네트웍스의 글로벌 네트워크

씨디네트웍스는 고객 맞춤형 콘텐츠 전송 네트워크 솔루션을 통해 고객의 글로벌 비즈니스를 위한 효율적인 웹 퍼포먼스를 보장합니다.

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씨디네트웍스는 글로벌 콘텐츠 전송 업계의 선두주자입니다.
씨디네트웍스는 주요 산업 전반에 걸쳐 기업에 혁신적이고 맞춤화된 솔루션을 제공합니다.